Thursday, 12 September 2019

Weaving Trust event - 14th September

A Weaving Trust event is a tool for bringing communities together and ‘listening’. The main idea is to promote contact between people who would not otherwise meet based on the principle that contact and conversation builds bridges, creates awareness and weaves trust.

Transition Town Milton Keynes, as part of the Green Alliance, will host a Weaving Trust event to bring some of its members and an equal number of ‘guests’ together (primarily from Citizens:MK groups) to discuss the aims of our organisations and how environmental issues are being addressed in them.
This event is planned to take place in the Christian Foundation in Wolverton Square on Saturday 14 September 2019 from 3pm – 5pm.
Please contact Hilarie Bowman by emailing: hilariebowman@hotmail.comfor more information or register on the event on Eventbrite to reserve your place.
The format of the event will facilitate several one-to-one conversations lasting about 6 minutes each so that all guests get to talk to every host member.
A short wrap up session will then conclude the event with the aim of summarising the thoughts, objections and solutions of the group to get a better understanding of our organisational and personal interests and to agree the environmental concerns that we can address in our institutions by working together.
Visit  for more information