Monday, 25 June 2018

Bedfordshire Climate Change Forum - trip to local solar farm

Our friends from the Bedfordshire Climate Change Forum have invited people to visit a local solar farm on 27th June. 

The site, near Westoning, is actually 2 solar farms – one built with Feed in Tariff subsidy and the other built privately as the first in the UK with a battery installation.

They will meet in Westoning at the Running Duck at the Bell pub at 7.30 on June 27th and from there we will walk to the farm (about 300m). The walk around the farm will take about an hour (maximum) but that depends on how much discussion we have about the contribution of solar energy to the national energy mix and the development of battery technology.

If you are coming by car there should be parking in Westoning at the pub or on the roadside. They can offer a small number of places in cars from Bedford but please book with BCCF if you would like a lift. For those coming from Flitwick Railway station it’s about a 2 mile walk, some of it along a busy road without pavements, but straightforward for cycling. They could arrange to pick people up from Flitwick station but please let them know well in advance and ensure you arrive at the station well before 7.30 and the actual start of the walk.