Saturday, 21 April 2018

Join Planting Up for their next permablitz - 29th April

Our next permablitz is scheduled for Sunday 29 April from 11am to 1pm for us to spend a couple of hours tidying up the plot.

We like to put these events in the diary for a couple of hours but if the weather's as good as it has been lately we can always stay a bit longer to tinker around and generally have a bit of social time together.

Please bring some snacks for a "Bring & Share" if you'd like to stick around for a bite to eat at lunchtime following the permablitz.

What We'll Be Doing

The bad weather has put things back a little, so this month's garden activities revolve around:
Building up the soil/ mulching
Clearing long grasses and nettles
Tidying up the compost bins
Finding ways of capturing rainwater

Visit the Planting up website for more information about this fantastic project -