Thursday, 28 September 2017

'Are electric cars the future?' event - 30th Sep

Bedfordshire Climate Change Forum invites you to a free afternoon of presentations, discussion & a demonstration.

You'll hear from local Nissan Leaf & Renault Zoe owners Ian Smith, & Anthony Woolhouse (Chair

of West Solent Solar Co-op),

And a spokesperson from Highways at Bedford Borough Council will tell have info on current and future charging points locally.

There will be a car plugged in charging up for you to see up close. Questions very welcome!

We'll try to take a rounded look at the issue of electric cars within a context of sustainability, concern for climate change and air pollution. When will electric cars be mainstream? Where wil the energy come from? What about battery capacity? How 'green' can this form of transport be? And what about affordability...?

This informal event for the curious is open to all and will take place at theUniversity of Bedfordshire, Polhill Ave, Bedford MK41 9EA, starting in the Gateway Building, Ground floor, Rm G011

Tel. 01234 930320/07914 606816