Monday, 31 July 2017

Can you help The Wolverton’s Urb Fam meet their crowdfunding goal?

The Urb Farm in Wolverton have been running their crowdfunding campaign via the Our MK website, which is powered by the MK:Smart project, to launch an innovative project: Learning Tree Tipi and Super Storage

Once successful, the project will will build a traditional tipi in their woodland, providing space for stories, shelter from the weather and giving children coming to “the Learning Tree” the experience of living close to nature. Find out more about what they are planning as part of the project here.

They have raised over £4,000 and have one last day (today!) to raise the remaining £400!
Please help them meet their goal and pledge your support. No matter how small your donation is, it will make a difference!

To pledge your support, click on the link below: 

Thank you!