Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Forest and Folk launch MK's first refill shop

The first refill, bulk goods shop has officially been launched at Forest and Folk in Great Linford.

There was a lovely write up 
by Hazel Roberts of Artisan MK Food and Drink (click here to read the full article or read the snippet below).....

'Environmentally conscious individuals will be pleased to know that Forest and Folk, with the help of funding from OurMK, will become MK's first re-fill shop, helping to cut down on unnecessary food packaging. The studio shop and medicine garden at Great Linford Parklands is already known for selling plant-based, mostly refillable, packaging-free health and beauty products but with the funding they will be expanding this to include organic dry food goods. The “Slim you bin” campaign is setting out to provide an alternative to buying these dry goods in non-recyclable packaging and at Forest and Folk customers will be able to purchase goods such as chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans, rice, pasta, spices, dried fruit and seeds by weight in re-usable containers. This will significantly cut down on household waste and support citizens to move to a greener Milton Keynes. Look out for this new initiative from 6th April. Bring your own containers or purchase one of their re-usable cotton drawstring bags. Forest and Folk is located at Milton Keynes Arts Centre, Great Linford and open 10-5 Thurs and 10-6 Friday and Saturday.'