Sunday, 8 January 2017

Community Energy Conference - 25th Feb

MK Community Energy Conference 2017
25th Feb 2017, 10 - 4pm at Camphill Milton Keynes Communities Chrysalis Theatre

Telling a story of sustainable energy in Milton Keynes from inception to present day through speakers, films, workshops and presentation. We are looking to identify the roots of a sustainability culture within MK and offer attendees some real practical ideas that they can take away and act on to continue that sustainability culture in future planning and building and in daily life.

The event is organised by MK Community Energy Alliance, a group of local organisations dedicated to promoting community-owned and sustainable energy in Milton Keynes. The founding partners of MK Community Alliance are: Camphill Communities Milton Keynes, Community Action: MK, Transition MK, Wolverton Community Energy and MK People’s Assembly. The initiative is supported by CAPE, Community Action platform for Energy project.
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