Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Simple steps you can take to encourage business to support the Paris Climate Agreement

Following the Paris Climate Agreement in December a large number of businesses and other organisations signed a pledge in support of the agreement.  
Transition MK is encouraging you to write to companies whose products or services you use, to ask them to add their name to this list.
Firstly you need to check the list to see if the company in question has already signed up! See:

If their name doesn’t appear, then your letter to them could start by you introducing yourself as one of their customers.
Then you could say that you have seen the list of companies that have signed the pledge and cannot find their name on it.  You could say that you believe it is important for us all to play our part in tackling climate change and why it matters to you.
You could finish by asking them to consider their own contribution to tackling climate change and your desire to see their name on that list!
You should quote the website link so that they can see what you are referring to.
Address the letter to the company’s CEO if you can find this on their website.

A sample letter is shown below in case you don’t want to write something from scratch:
Climate Change
I am (a shareholder/regular customer of yours, enjoy using your products, services, etc etc).
I am writing to you following the recent COP21 Climate Change agreement, negotiated in Paris in December.  Following that historic agreement, over 400 businesses signed a pledge supporting the goals of the agreement and committing to take concrete steps themselves towards delivering the changes required, without delay. 1
The list of companies that have signed up does not appear to include xxxxxx (the company's name). Although the Paris agreement was an amazing achievement that we should all celebrate, it is in many ways only the starting point for a major long-term project which needs to involve us all – politicians, businesses, public services, charities, community groups and individuals.
I care about this because I seek a decent future not only for my children and grandchildren’s generations in the (so far) relatively unscathed UK, but also for those in other parts of the world who are much less well off than we are and are being affected already by major weather events and food shortages caused by erratic rainfall.  
I hope you will give serious consideration to what xxxxxx (the company's name) can contribute to tackling climate change and that your company’s name will be added to the list before long.