Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Little Horwood Apple Day - 10th October

Little Horwood Apple Day 

Saturday 10th Oct 2015 at the Recreation Ground 12.30 to 4.30pm

 A free Entertainment’s Committee event for all the family

 Come dressed to sort, wash, mill, pound and press apples to 

 make juice. Bring some empty bottles for your juice.

 Apple presses and mills from small to large to try out.

 An ideal opportunity to turn your windfalls into apple juice.

 No apples? problem; join in and take away some juice.

 Apple juice tasting. Apple juice for sale.

 Bring some apples for the identification table.

 Display of apple varieties, try tasting some you don't know.

 Cider making display, cider tasting, and local cider for sale.

 Refreshments for sale throughout the afternoon.

 Simple lunches available from 12.30 pm

Please accompany children.

Remember this is food processing, so please don’t bring dogs near the apples, juice, or equipment.

Offers of apples in advance welcome .. we can collect. Please no windfalls from animal enclosures 

(chickens, sheep, etc). Apples with scab and small areas of bruising are fine. For more info. or offers

 of apples please contact Mike Jones tel: 01296 713696

Vehicle Access: Drive right through the Shoulder of Mutton car park to access the recreation ground.