Monday, 19 October 2015

Join the campaign to save the Feed In Tariff (FIT)

In May Climate Change Minister Amber Rudd said she wanted to unleash a “solar revolution”. Instead she is planning to cut support for solar by 87%.The government is holding a public consultation on the solar cuts, and our response will be vital.

If these cuts go through, the results will be catastrophic. By 2020 a million fewer homes, schools and businesses will benefit from solar panels; our carbon emissions will be far higher; and 20,000 people across the country will lose their jobs. Already over a thousand people have lost their jobs in the last few weeks.

Over 8,000 of you have emailed MPs to #saveoursolar, with more and more Conservative MPs breaking ranks to speak out against the planned cuts. Big Conservative figures like London Mayor Boris Johnson and former Climate Change Minister Greg Barker have heavily criticised the plans in public.

10:10 have set up a really easy way to make your voice be heard 

The deadline is Friday 23 October.