Friday, 5 June 2015

National Transition Conference - 19th - 20th September

The national Transition network are running their Transition Network International Conference from 19th - 20th September at Seale-Hayne, Devon, UK. 

As well as a jam-packed programme of day-length workshops on Friday 18th September, the ‘Transition Skills Day’, they've now begun piecing together the highlights of the main conference, over the weekend of 19th-20th September at Seale-Hayne, Devon, UK.

Friday’s workshop programme is all about skilling-up for the Transition. The workshops are in depth explorations of some of the key areas of the Transition Movement incorporating subjects such as Community Energy; Arts and Community Engagement; Local Food Initiatives; Personal Resilience and even how to be your own developer!

The weekend programme offers over 24 workshops, large plenary sessions, Open Space opportunities and much more. 

For full details of the workshop programme to date, please visit the new micro-website at: