Monday, 15 July 2013

The Power of just doing stuff ……… in Milton Keynes

‘The Power of just doing stuff’, is the title of a small paperback by Rob Hopkins the founder of the transition town movement 

One of the main themes of the book is to illustrate the potential of local action to change the world for the better. The book contains examples of this from all over the world , -  stories of situations where local community action has successfully brought about  projects that not only have produced environmental benefit – and generally increased local self- sufficiency but equally important is the fact that they have all  also resulted in a build up a local sense of pride and community spirit.

The book contains many encouraging examples of community initiatives form all over the world: there are various community owned renewable energy schemes a number of them in the UK, successful local currencies such as those in Bristol and Brixton, and local food growing initiatives such as ‘Incredible Edible Todmorden.

There’s a small steering committee trying to move these transition types of ideas forward here in Milton Keynes. Over the past year some networking events have been held and at the moment there’s a plan to use inspirational short films to try & spread awareness of these ideas. I am thinking in terms of a monthly social event that could take the form of a social bring & share food film even. Details of the first one or two events of this type will soon be on our website, so for more information about this & other local transition activities visit: or contact Michael Sheppard -
Offers of help or support in taking this further would be most welcome!

(The ‘Power of Just doing stuff’ is published be Geenbooks & only costs a few pounds)