Thursday, 23 May 2013


Last year, Jo and I attended the Transition Network Conference, a chance to meet with like-minded Transitioners and hear about the great work happening across the world.  We met Bjern from Copenhagen, who invited us to the city to see how Transition works in Denmark.  We recently visited for a weekend, and were lucky enough to be shown around Christiania, a beautiful 'commune' in the centre of Copenhagen (Top photo). It was a great example of community resilience and an alternative way of living. 

On the Sunday, we also attended a 'Beyond the Green Economy' conference, which was organised by Transition Denmark and Occupy Denmark. This free event was hosted at the Copenhagen Business School, and speakers included Charles Eistenstein, Niels Meyer and
Dahnesvara Das. It was a really inspiring and a celebration of the the Transition movement! Fabulous!