Sunday, 15 September 2019

Making Fishermead Incredible - 19th September

This is an event especially for Fishermead residents to meet and talk about making Fishermead Incredible!
The large garden in the centre of Fishermead in between the Trinity Centre and the Co-op is looking a bit neglected, so we’re proposing to give it a bit of TLC and open it open to residents to create a thriving community garden that everyone in Fishermead can enjoy to grow food, get some exercise and socialise.
There is a lot of support from local volunteer groups and other organisations to help make this happen, and to help support the local community so that this garden benefits residents and wildlife. What we want to know, is do the residents want it…
This event is a residents meeting to start this conversation and to see who wants to be part of creating something special that will put Fishermead on the Incredible Edible map as the first of its kind in MK.
There will be a representative from Incredible Edible speaking at the event as well as lots of useful information about water-saving, creating wildlife-friendly areas and how community activities like this are great for our health and wellbeing.
This meeting follows a facilitator meeting that is due to take place from 4.30pm – 6pm.
For more background information, and to share any comments or suggestions about either event, please visit the “Let’s Green MK” page on the Milton Keynes Water Community platform.

Making MK Community Spaces Better for Residents & Wildlife… Together! - 19th September

This is an event for MK facilitators from groups and organisations that are interested in “greening” MK. The idea being, for us to start a collective conversation about how we can achieve better community spaces for residents and wildlife by working together.
At Planting Up, we aim to support the creation of a wildlife-friendly community garden (or area) in every estate in Milton Keynes in a way that: (1) ensures that water is being captured and used sustainably, and (2) that involves local residents, schools and businesses at its heart.
This facilitator meeting will take place from 4.30pm – 6pm and be followed by a Fishermead residents meeting from 6.30pm – 7.30pm about making Fishermead Incredible.
For more background information, and to share any comments or suggestions about either event, please visit the “Let’s Green MK” page on the Milton Keynes Water Community platform.

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Weaving Trust event - 14th September

A Weaving Trust event is a tool for bringing communities together and ‘listening’. The main idea is to promote contact between people who would not otherwise meet based on the principle that contact and conversation builds bridges, creates awareness and weaves trust.

Transition Town Milton Keynes, as part of the Green Alliance, will host a Weaving Trust event to bring some of its members and an equal number of ‘guests’ together (primarily from Citizens:MK groups) to discuss the aims of our organisations and how environmental issues are being addressed in them.
This event is planned to take place in the Christian Foundation in Wolverton Square on Saturday 14 September 2019 from 3pm – 5pm.
Please contact Hilarie Bowman by emailing: hilariebowman@hotmail.comfor more information or register on the event on Eventbrite to reserve your place.
The format of the event will facilitate several one-to-one conversations lasting about 6 minutes each so that all guests get to talk to every host member.
A short wrap up session will then conclude the event with the aim of summarising the thoughts, objections and solutions of the group to get a better understanding of our organisational and personal interests and to agree the environmental concerns that we can address in our institutions by working together.
Visit  for more information 

Monday, 9 September 2019

Volunteers needed to support gardening project - 10th September

Volunteers needed to support a gardening project between North 9th and North 10th Street in Central Milton Keynes.

FairShare opening event - 1st October

FairShare is coming to Milton Keynes. Join them on 1st October for their opening day

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Litter picking on Walnut Tree - 7th September

Walnut Tree litter picking on Saturday 7th September 6-8pm. This is at Hindhead Knoll -so easy to find. Go to the tent for equipment.

Monday, 2 September 2019

MK Food Fest - 14th September

The MKFoodFest has quickly become a highly anticipated and popular food and drink festival within Milton Keynes, showcasing the best of local food and drink.
This September the picturesque parkland around The Pavilion in Middleton will come alive with the exciting vibe of the local food and drink scene. With all the stallholders coming from within a 20 mile radius of the venue, the event showcases the best of local food and drink and brings together street food vendors, artisan producers, farmers market stallholders and chefs for a one day, one location, not-to-be-missed food and drink shopping experience. 
Selection criteria for MKFoodFest is based on the principles of local producers first. We aim to make MKFoodFest a truly local food festival, supporting artisan producers and the committee will make their selection on that basis. In order to be selected you need to be within a 20 mile radius of the MKFoodFest, please see the selection Criteria for further details.
The MKFoodFest CIC is a not for profit organisation that aims to support local food related charities. This support manifests itself in a number of different ways including donations and promotion.

MK Food Fest, 14th September, 11am to 5pm 

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Charity Recycling MK

Recycle all these bits at 25 Cantle Avenue, Downs Barn

Saturday, 31 August 2019

Second hand September

Oxfam are encouraging people to sign up to second hand september, a pledge to buy no new clothes for 30 days. This is in an effort to reduce waste and get people thinking about where their fashion items come from. Find out more at 

Friday, 30 August 2019

Free online course on climate change

Would you or your community like to learn more about climate change and how to tackle it?
The Illustrated Climate project, supported by the European Union Erasmus+ programme, has created a free e-learning course. The course has been beautifully illustrated by two artists, as well as containing lots of practical information. We will give a copy of the book "In Time for Tomorrow" to the first 10 people who complete the course. Please get in touch (email to get log-in details for the online programme.